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andrew drewary

December 16, 2014, No Comments

Is ‘one more for the road’ one too many?

Everybody’s festive calendars will be getting booked up now as we are well into December. As usual, the age old question will be asked far too often in the coming weeks: ‘Have one for the road?’ That is the question that all...

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M6 Motorway

November 19, 2014, No Comments

New study seeks to identify high risk drivers

A new study is set to explore if behavioural profiling can be used by businesses and the fleet and insurance sectors to identify whether someone is a...

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sleigh copy

November 25, 2014, No Comments

FTA warns on driver shortage

Black Friday – Sofa Sunday –  Cyber Monday; recognised as the biggest shopping days of the year and when logistics operators will be put...

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